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Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work

Ever go to sales training for a couple of days?

You learn a new method…

You square-peg, round-hole it to make it work for your service…

You go out all motivated to try it out on your clients. Your results are a mixed bag.

Soon you fall back to doing it how you’ve always done it… getting the same results you’ve always gotten.

The bottom line is traditional sales training doesn’t work.

This is especially true if you sell professional services like consulting or any service where you have to personally deliver after you sell.

Research and experience tell us only about 25% of people who attend traditional sales training get any long-term skill improvement or behavioral change.

Why is this?

There’s three main reasons:

  1. Wrong Content
  2. Bad Learning Design
  3. No Ongoing Coaching and Accountability

Wrong Content

Most sales training takes a one-size-fits all approach. It’s a formula for failure.

I’m surprised at how many consultants I see who are still using a sales approach for selling pots and pans door-to-door from the 50’s.

Or used cars in the 60’s…

Or real-estate in the 70’s…

Or copy machines in the 80’s…

Or junk bonds and penny stocks in the 90’s (you know who you are).

How about you?

Are you using last century’s “worst practices” to sell your modern consulting services?

If so, you need to know the wrong sales method and the wrong content makes your sales process less effective.

Off-the-shelf content and training material needs to be customized to your business, clients and services.

Bottom line: generic sales training doesn’t stick.

There’s another reason traditional sales training doesn’t work…

Bad Learning Design

Most sales training approaches try to cram as much information into as little time as possible.


Because people who are responsible for making the cash register ring don’t like to be taken out of the field and stuck in a class for days on end.

Makes sense right?

So what you see most often is a 2-day boot camp. The problem is we see little to no retention coming out of these trainings. You need spaced learning and repetition over time for skill acquisition and behavioral change.

So wrong content and poor learning design account for about half of the reason why you aren’t seeing long-term skill acquisition and behavioral change from traditional sales training.

Here’s the biggest reason why traditional sales training doesn’t work for your consulting business.

No Ongoing Coaching and Accountability

Research and experience tell us that 75% of all traditional sales training attendees fail to learn anything that leads to long-term skill acquisition and behavioral change.


Because there is no follow-up. No place to go to get questions answered. No accountability. No one there to help apply what you’ve learned to real opportunities in your sales funnel.

You need sustained, ongoing coaching and support over time.

So now let’s focus on an approach that works.

Sales Training that Gets Results

Effective sales training for your consulting business needs three things:

  1. The Right Content
  2. Good Learning Design
  3. Ongoing coaching and accountability

If you want to close more high-ticket deals in less time you need to start with “best-in-class” sales training designed for and used by more than 30,000 consultants world-wide.

Next we and customize it to your business, your clients and your service. No-cookie cutter templates here.

We space learning, practice and reinforcement out over time so you have a chance to learn, apply, practice and see what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Finally, we add in one-to-one coaching to answer your questions, help with call planning, deal-coaching on real opportunities in your sales funnel and accountability from an experienced sales pro.

This is how you acquire expert-level and even world-class sales capability for your consulting business.

This is how we create sales training that sticks.

To get started with sales training that works… sales training that gets results… sales training that helps you close more high-ticket deals in less time, go to:


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I’m Rev Vaughn. I am an entrepreneur and a consultant. I help marketing consultants use the Core Four to structure, run and scale their business and break through the 100k and 250k income levels