​​​Where in Your Sales Conversations
Are You Losing Most of Your Deals?

​Let me show you where you are losing most of your deals and ​how to fix it

Most consultants think ​they lose most of their deals in the “Closing” step of their sales process.

But that's not where the deal is usually lost.

One of the first things I do with consultants in my one-to-one Sales Mastery training program is run a diagnostic to determine a consultant’s sales strengths and areas where they can improve.

We do this by role-playing a typical sales conversation.

I play the role of the consultant’s ideal client. I ask all the same questions their ideal client would typically ask. I listen carefully (perhaps more carefully than you’ve ever been listened to before) to your questions, your presentation and even the things you don’t say.

The surprising thing is over half the consultants don’t make it to the “Close” step with a realistic chance to get the deal.

No. They lost the deal much earlier in the sales process.

In many cases, they lost the sale within the first 10 minutes of the conversation.

It’s amazing how many times a potential client asks for a proposal even though they know they aren’t going to buy. The consultant spends a whole lot of time and energy creating a proposal that’s going nowhere.  

At the end of all of that effort you still have to chase down the client only to hear “We’ll think about it.”   

Doesn’t it make sense to find out earlier in the sales process if a deal is going nowhere?

And doesn’t it make sense to find out where in the sales process you are losing most of your potential deals?

​If You Want to Improve Your Sales Results,
​the First Thing to Do is to Measure Yourself

​If you’re not one of my one-to-one clients, you can measure where in your sales conversations you are losing most of your deals by doing a one-to-one sales assessment.

Here’s how it works:

You and I will schedule a call a 60 minute call.

I will play the role of your ideal buyer and you will walk me through your sales conversation just like you would with a real buyer.

At the end of the sales conversation, I’ll share with you the number one place in the sales conversation you are losing most of your deals AND I’ll immediately show you what to do instead to improve your sales conversations.

I’ll answer any questions you have and then demonstrate for you how to implement the strategy in your own sales conversations for your own product, service or solution.

I’ll give you a chance to practice the strategy and give you pointers for making your delivery more natural and conversational.

Depending on how much time we have available, I’ll share additional strategies and techniques for improving your sales approach.

I’ll follow up with a brief written report documenting the key points from our call.

Your investment in your sales assessment is $300. Most consultants make back many times their investment in the next one or two sales calls they make.

To get started contact me here and request a sales assessment:

​Rev Vaughn

​Founder, Consulting Accelerator

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​Hi, I’m Rev Vaughn. I’ve founded or helped start 12 different businesses in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, the UK and the US and helped introduce thousands of products into 25 countries. ​These days, I'm focused on helping consultants structure, run and scale their business.

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