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Get Better Clients and Close More High-Value Deals In Less Time... Even If You Don't Like Selling

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  • ​The three "Winning Mindsets" that make sales fears disappear
  • The Four Sales Steps that always keep you on track so you never waste time ​chasing bad deals ​
  • The Five FOCUS Questions that ​​create ​the "Buying Vision" before you even introduce your solution

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​If you are a marketing consultant or agency owner and want to close more of your existing leads, get better clients and sign more high-value deals...
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I'm re-opening my one-to-one FOCUS Selling Training in a few days and I’m looking for 8 marketing consultants to work with to create successful case-studies.

We're going to customize my FOCUS Selling method to your business to help you get better clients and close more high-value deals in less time. If you are closing less than 50% of your qualified leads, improving your sales approach is the fastest way to grow your business. 

​If you are at all intrigued, Contact me here https://www.consultingaccelerator.com/​call/ and I’ll send you the details.